Wendy Quirt

As a youth, Wendy spent many hours outdoors exploring Ottawa’s green space, local creeks, and woodland areas. She was keenly interested in nature and spent much of her time sketching and painting wildlife. After obtaining her university degree and working in the high-tech industry, she felt a powerful pull to follow her childhood dream of being a wildlife artist. She traded in her high-tech career and committed herself to wildlife art full time in 2007.

Her creative process starts with an idea, camera, and sketchbook, gathering reference material. She’s known for her realistic style and lifelike quality in her paintings. Her award-winning work has shown internationally and hangs in many private collections. Dedicated to nature and committed to preserving wildlife and their habitats, her work has and continues to help raise funds for a variety of conservation organizations. She is an associate member of the Artists for Conservation Group and she hopes to share the beauty and value of nature through her art.

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