Susan Allan

My interest in art and creativity developed from my father, who, because of circumstances, didn’t have the opportunity to attend a formal institute. However, he never stopped drawing and painting throughout his life. It seemed to me to be a wonderful pursuit. But, like him, I didn’t study formally when I was younger, but never stopped doing it. About 20 years ago when I realized how important it was to me I decided I would study seriously. To further develop my art skills, I attended many classes and workshops, mostly in the US, as this was where I found an excellent artist and teacher, David Leffel. It was truly inspirational watching him transform everyday objects into things of beauty. I believe art should be beautiful and shared by everyone, and if possible, I would like to contribute as much as I can.

My goal was not to earn money with my art, but to work to be as good as I am capable of becoming. I am a registered nurse and realized that this would be the source of my income and I liked it that way as earning money didn’t influence my art in any way. But then I found I had so many paintings and wasn’t contributing anything. My family, friends and teachers encouraged me to start selling some, which I have just started to do. I have had some success and it has been very encouraging. However, my goal still remains to strive to improve, and I will continue attending workshops, open studios and painting in my studio to this end. If anyone enjoys my paintings, I will feel I have achieved something and be happy.

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