Shelley Irving

Shelley was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and grew up in Ottawa where she now lives. Her career began in Vancouver as an interior designer. After three years, Shelley returned to Ottawa and partnered in a commercial design firm, developing the business to prominence in the Nation’s capital.

The scope of Shelley’s design training and years of experience helped to provide an inherent understanding of artistic principles and elements of design. In applying these skills to her artwork, as a self-taught artist, Shelley strives to create a fresh interpretation of the natural world around us, in an impressionistic or abstract style.

Acrylics tend to be her preferred medium combined with texture and other methods to help achieve the desired effect.

She is also exploring photography and creating Photo Art using techniques that retains the essence of the photographs, but which allows for interpretation and free expression.

Artistic influences include Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Cézanne, Lawren Harris, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, and Dorothea Lange, just a few of the remarkable artists and photographers who inspire Shelley’s work.

Continually evolving and changing, exploring new ideas and methods, Shelley is blossoming with her latest artistic endeavours. 

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