Patrick Imai

Patrick is Japanese Canadian with an obsession for stone carving.  He has always been a carver.  From a very young age with a pocket knife, he would carve small wooden animals and birds.  With no formal training but inspired by Inuit artwork he tried stone carving.  He works with a variety of stone for their different colours and textures: soapstone, serpentine, selenite, alabaster, marble and limestone.  Patrick works to portray the grace and movement of bears while trying to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. 

 “Stone carving is a tactile experience.  The final form and finish must be pleasing not only to the eye but also to the touch.  To truly experience my work you have to touch it; and by touching you can achieve a connection with the sculpture, the stone and me. “   Patrick Imai, 2015

Patrick retired after 34 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and is totally focussed on stone carving.  He shares his passion by providing workshops at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, assisting with a stone carving module in the art courses at local high schools, and by providing workshops for interested individuals. For more see

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