Olga Kay-Grigoriev

Following a fulfilling career in education, Olga turned to wood sculpture as a new way of artistic expression. First, training with a fellow artist to discover the potential of various mechanical and hand-carving tools, then taking courses in sculpture in Florence, Italy, and life drawing at the Ottawa School of Art,  Olga now spends time in her Quebec studio putting learning to practice in a process of playful experimentation as new ideas come to mind.

She enjoys working with wood as it evokes a banquet of sensory stimulation and a warmth only nature can convey. Carving is a satisfying process which offers sufficient challenge and risk to keep her interest. Olga’s material comes from fallen trees on her property or from the surrounding Gatineau Hills which she calls home. Her muse is the journey of life; through love and loss, joy and sorrow and all the stories in between. Animals, people and objects in nature  are the subject of her work. Her pieces reside in many homes and gardens. She welcomes special commissions, for in art, just as in life, anything is possible.

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