Monika Seidenbusch

Monika likes to paint as to tell a story, with a character, a setting, and a mood. She likes her work to bring out a sense of peacefulness, atmosphere, simplicity, life and beauty.

Her style is detailed and realistic when drawing; and, freer and abstracted when painting. She prefers to portray the human form, but also enjoys illustrating botanicals and painting abstracts.

Inspired by the simple lines of Matisse, the colours and exaggeration of Modigliani, the sculptures of Henri Moore and the technical accuracy of many of the old masters, such as Charles Bargue, she combines what she has learned to refine her art and bring out the essence and beauty of nature.

Monika is a well known award winning artist and is currently a member of the Arts Ottawa East (AOE), the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA), the Kanata Art Club (KAC), the Nepean Fine Arts League (NFAL), the Botanical Artists of Canada (BAC), and the Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists (OSBA). 

Born in Ontario and raised in Canada and Germany, Monika’s interest in art has been with her all her life. Her mediums have been primarily pencil, pencil crayon, acrylics, water colour and mixed media collage. For several years she has been attending life drawing studios.

Monika has three daughters and lives in Perth, Ontario, with her husband.

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