Margrit Jorgensen

Margrit (Meyer) Jorgensen was born and educated in Germany, she showed signs of drawing skills early in life, but was discouraged to become a “starving” artist.

She travelled  to England and France to improve her knowledge in those languages to work as secretary, met a Canadian family and came over to Canada/Ottawa. Margrit stayed, worked as secretary,  got married and pursued her artistic/artisan endeavours with drawing, watercolour, spinning, weaving, rug hooking & rya, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, upholstering, took a course in stained glass, and one in oriental brush painting  – always making her own patterns. When her children were of school-age, she joined art groups to be with like-minded people and to exhibit her work.

For many years Margrit was a signature member of the Ottawa Watercolour Society (OWS), the Ottawa Art Association (OAA) and others, and still exhibits at the Kanata Civic Art Gallery. Now her work can be seen in Toronto to Vancouver, Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany and the USA.

 When she inherited oil painting equipment from her father-in-law, she taught herself to work in that medium. This slow drying medium made her try acrylics to speed the process, which she mainly uses at present.

Basically self-taught, she tries to hold the beauty of nature with paint on paper or canvas to show the wonders of our world: still-life, flowers or landscapes, the colours, forms, underlying abstract shapes. She enjoys setting up group exhibits, where she considers the walls to be canvases. 

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