Karen Wynne Mackay

My abstract paintings are created in fluid layers using colour, strong calligraphic marks, abstract marks, handmade tools and various mediums.

The paintings created are deeply manipulated surfaces intertwined with colour and abstract marks, allowing the layers to conceal and then reveal, until the composition is complete.

My paintings transfix and absorb the story, as a sense, an emotion held in time.

I usually start my paintings either with long walks in nature or listening to music, and sometimes by just sitting quietly in my studio and beginning with that first mark or splash of colour, feeling the emotion, the rhythm of movement, and going with it.

My inspirations include but are not limited to: nature, music, words and feelings.

I hope that the joy of my inspirations, use of colour and gestural responses to this life of ours resonates with my viewers and of course, after over 25 years of creating – there is always a story behind the painting…

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