Judi Miller

I am most often inspired by travels I have been privileged enough to take, and whether my subject is nature’s beauty or the combination of natural and architectural elements, I hope my viewers can imagine themselves in the scene and enjoy the view. I strive to produce pieces with a strong emphasis on colour and texture.

The mixing of threads and fabric is comparable to the mixing of colours on a painter’s palette. I combine fabric painting techniques and free motion machine embroidery to produce works rich in colour and texture. I most often start with a sketch from a photograph. I paint the composition on cotton using fabric paint, watercolour pencils or ink. I then use thread to provide colour and detail, giving the pictures depth and richness.

I hope that my creations can inspire others to dream, and follow those dreams.

My first career began with a B.Sc. (honours) in Organic Chemistry, 1983. I worked as a conservation scientist. I was involved in the examination of works of art for the purpose of conservation, conservation processes research and analysis. Amongst my favourite projects was the scientific examination of works of art to determine authenticity or provenance.

I have been creating for many years and have been a member of the KCAG since 2001.

I am grateful to be able to share my work with others through art shows and exhibitions, holding workshops and lectures and travelling to artist residencies.


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