Heather Lovat-Fraser

I have been a professional artist for many years and have many bodies of works which are all original in nature. I get great joy out of taking the expected and making it unexpected. I am deeply committed to my art work and paint every day in my studio.

I was born, raised and have lived my adult life in Ottawa, I have had a life-long love of art.  My mentor, a professional artist and Mother of a dear friend, coached and encouraged me for many years to explore various forms of art media. This coach herself studied under Henri Masson which gave her such pride. I have experimented with pottery and sculpture but always return to my first love – painting.

I have taken many art courses at St. Lawrence College, design courses at Algonquin College and am constantly taking workshops to be constantly learning.  It’s always nice to work with other professionals, critique each other’s work, discuss new techniques and learn about new products.

I paint abstracted vibrant street scenes primarily of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. This includes increased contrast, colour saturation, and less detail with all things being familiar but just a little off key. I try to touch people’s heartstrings with wonderful Ottawa memories as I paint local landmarks.

Currently I’m painting with acrylics which I really enjoy because they dry so quickly and make layering and glazing nice techniques to use on my paintings.  I also do paint with oils but not that frequently anymore.


St. Lawrence College, Algonquin College

Studied under: Mary Allen, Shirley Mancino, Donna Lynd

Winner of the People’s Choice Award for the RLAA in 2015

Paintings selected for the Focus Art Group Calendar for 2016


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