Denise Guillemette

Born in Bellechasse near Quebec City, Denise grew up in an environment rich in colors and
discoveries on the family farm. She started to paint very early in her childhood. The beauty of the landscapes and the happy moments of life are the sources of her inspirations.

After she graduated in1983, she completed her B.A. in Visual Art at University Laval,
Quebec, in 1985. In 1995, she completed her master in business administration (MBA) at
University of Ottawa. With her skills in photography, design, illustration and management she has worked in the field of architecture, design and marketing for more than 25 years.

Since her permanent return to visual arts in 2012, she participates every year to a great number of art shows in Quebec and Ontario including collective and solo exhibits. She is also invited by art galleries for specific exhibits. Her work is found in private collections in Canada and elsewhere. Denise has been teaching visual arts since 2013. She has received several awards of excellence for the quality of her works. She is involved in her artistic community by serving on various committees to support the promotion of art.

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