Carolyn Sàndor-Weston


Carolyn Sàndor-Weston’s artist’s journey was jumpstarted in the studios of The Alberta College of Art. She thrived in the environment, filled with boundless ideas, thoughts & expressions. Carolyn entered the 4 year program as a photography student and graduated in 1988 with a Degree in Fine Art; Major in Drawing and Minor in Intaglio & Lithograph Printmaking.

In the early years, emotions, storytelling, and a need to push societal ideas fueled Carolyn’s oversized multi-media works. Her influences were the big voices of movement, change and youth. Travels to new countries and cultures took her out of the studio and plunk her deep into new worlds. A move to “Down Under” with her Australian husband, is where a newly awakened appreciation for the land, light, sky & the peculiar trees started to change the way she saw & felt her surroundings. It was no longer the big emotional response, but a shifting to the small details that piqued her curiosity. The desire to “tell” a story was still there, it was now a bit quieter and in the details.

Upon their return to Canada, raising their family in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario, Carolyn’s 2-dimensional art exploration transitioned from multi-media to an exclusive use of acrylic paints on large, stretched canvases and evolved to the addition of large, heavy chunks of Soapstone. Suddenly her studio was full of rasps, rifflers, chisels, sandpaper, and lots of dust!

Over the years, Carolyn’s artist’s voice has continued to grow & develop. Whether through her paintings or her carvings, Carolyn’s attachment and love of her years growing up in Northern Alberta is reflected in her art. There is a deep respect for the land, animals, and people whose stories shape it. She has been asked to carve for Indigenous spiritual leaders of the communities, which is a huge honor.

Carolyn has been working as a commissioned based artist since 2001 and has evolved her art practices to a full-time studio work, resulting in new pieces. There is a return to immersing herself in artist’s communities and the creative energies she has always enjoyed and thrived in. Along with being a member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery, Carolyn is an active member of the West Carleton Arts Society and the National Capital Network of Sculptors. Her paintings and carvings are in private collections in Canada & Australia.  

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