Olivier Bonnet

Olivier has been drawing since childhood. He grew up in Europe, and lived in Asia and Africa.  Among other artistic ventures, he explored analog photography in his dark room in Beijing, China and learned the rudiments of Chinese calligraphy.

For the last twenty years, Olivier has published cartoons and illustrations in Doctor Without Borders print publications. Olivier settled in the Ottawa region in 2004. His works have been selected for a number of juried shows in the region, such as Figureworks. He has several solo shows, and participates in collective exhibits. His work can be found in public and private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. 

Olivier’s favourite means of expression are graphite, charcoal and ink for drawing, and gouache or watercolour for painting. He has a purely aesthetic pursuit:  an expressive gaze, an appealing light, an interesting composition.  He  seeks to create an atmosphere and connection between his subject matter. The tools and medium Olivier chooses are an assortment of paper, cardstock, canvas or geographic maps of various origins. 

As can be seen in his artwork, Olivier’s sources of inspiration are quite diverse, drawing from different cultures around the world that he is familiar with. There is also a certain air of nostalgia, as he draws some of his inspiration from early to mid 20th century photographs. He continues to explore mediums, creates original compositions, and attempts to spark an emotion, mostly using traditional materials and techniques. 

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