Every year, artists are invited to submit an application to have their work juried for exhibition in the Kanata Civic Art Gallery. When our call for artists to submit for 2020 went out, we were pleasantly surprised with many applicants. The jury chose 9 artists out of all of the applicants.

We would like to give a warm welcome and congratulations to Barbora Balaban, Bob Manser, Dianne Richardson, Jaynie Coulterman,  Olivier Bonnet, Sanjay Sundram, Vic Dohar, Deborah Noel and Jian Zhang. All are very gifted artists who will add considerable flair to our displays of outstanding artwork.

Here is a little about each artist and a small sampling of their art. Their artist pages will be up on the website soon!


Barbora Balaban

Barbora’s ceramic pieces are hand built, with added texture by stamping, folding, carving, or simply adding more clay and decorating with slips and brush work. The contrast between glazed and unglazed parts of the ceramic brings out the texture of the piece and the warmth of the clay.


Bob Manser

It is my hope that my pictures would encourage appreciation for the amazing images that can be found in a drive in the country or a walk in our city green space.


Dianne Richardson 

Dianne works largely in oils and primarily uses palette knives to execute her work. Each painting is layered with vivid colours, and blended and mixed on the canvas through scumbling. Using impasto techniques, Dianne attempts to capture the beauty of light, colour, reflections, and shadows.


Jaynie Coulterman

My work is evolving towards a more abstracted view of reality through simplification of design, pattern and light. Bold and eye-catching colour is my passion, and I use it to create mood, atmosphere and a sense of being immersed in a scene.


Olivier Bonnet

My sources of inspiration are quite diverse, drawing from different cultures around the world that I am familiar with. There is also a certain air of nostalgia as I draw some of my inspiration from early 20th century photographs. I continue to explore mediums, create original compositions and attempt to spark an emotion, mostly using traditional materials and techniques.


Sanjay Sundram

I find my inspiration in urban spaces. To me, these are places of everyday horrors and everyday magic. Large simians appear on skyscrapers built on the ruins of their forest. Cars spout golden flowers instead of smoke. Wings want to fly.


Vic Dohar

Receiving Inspiration from the outdoors in forests and on rivers, looking at fields and barns, or getting close with flora and fauna, I try and capture these moments in my watercolours.


Deborah Noel

The imagery of the mountains, forests, lakes and fields document my personal journey and knowledge of particular places, time of day, weather conditions, and seasons of the Laurentians. My artworks are interpretations of how I experience these specific places or explore a particular visual element evoked by the features in the landscape.


Jian Zhang

Jian has a Master of Fine Arts from Donghua University in Shanghai, China, and is a member of the China Artists Association.  Jian uses his art to express feelings about society and life, and has exhibited in many art shows and exhibitions throughout Shanghai.


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