Kathryn Spooner Bossy

Influenced by surroundings, my work focuses largely on the beauty, whimsy and movement in nature.  The electric colours of spring, the vibrancy of summer and autumn moving into the sparkling ice of winter, create an endless pallet for painting in mosaic.  Each unique painting may include a myriad of glass, jewels, vintage pottery, found objects, handpainted papers. Unexpected extras like moss growing on a found piece of wood or paint on driftwood will shape the outcome of the design.

Beginning an interesting career in Graphic Design I worked & lived in Canada and England and began exploring glass. While living in Singapore and Australia I was struck by the differences in light and colour and how this influenced works in glass.  For over 30 years I have continued to explore. Living in the Ottawa Valley on a lake is a gift.  I spend time treasure hunting in the woods and along the Ottawa River and now defunct railway, gathering pieces to use – weathered keys, driftwood, bottles, glass and stones. These pieces are a mystery and become part of my mosaic story.

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