Jaynie Coulterman

Jaynie is an Ottawa-based artist who has been drawing and painting since childhood. Born and raised in Montreal, she spent much time in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and later in northern Ontario and eastern Ontario cottage country.  This has given her a love of rural scenery and natural landscapes which continues to provide enormous inspiration for her artwork today. 

Jaynie is drawn to the cycles of nature in both rural and untouched landscapes, and strives to capture their natural beauty.  Her goal is to convey the emotion and the impressions that speak to the heart, rather than the detailed reality of a subject.  Her work is evolving towards a more impressionistic view through simplification of design, pattern and light.  She uses bold and eye-catching colour to create mood, atmosphere and a sense of being immersed in a scene. 

Jaynie is a member of the Manotick Art Association, the West Carleton Arts Society, Arts Carleton Place and the Kanata Civic Art Gallery and has held various roles in these organizations including president, treasurer, webmaster and show coordinator.  She currently lives and works from her studio in Manotick, Ontario, Canada. 


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