Dianne Richardson

Dianne pursued her interest in impressionism by studying with the Cape School of Art, Provincetown, Massachusetts, and the School of Light and Color, Fair Oaks, California. She has been mentored by American impressionists, notably Lois Griffel and Barbara Jaenicke (American Impressionist Society), Barry John Raybould (Virtual Art Academy), and Susan Sarback (School of Light and Color). In Canada, she has studied at the Ottawa School of Art with Sheila Davis and Charles Spratt. She was also mentored by Dr. Cheryl Goldslegger of Athens, Georgia. 

Dianne works largely in oils, and primarily uses palette knives to execute her work. Each painting is layered with vivid colours, and blended and mixed on the canvas through scrumbling. Using impasto techniques, Dianne attempts to capture the beauty of light, colour, reflections, and shadows. Over the years she has been focusing mostly on still life and landscape, and has explored abstract work.

She has participated in a number of juried and group shows in Ottawa, Renfrew, Pembroke, and Athens, Georgia. 

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