Lynne J. Morin

Throughout my career I have been motivated by a variety of subject matters triggered by emotion, travel, life in its entirety of discovery.

My current focus embraces familiar hideaways, safe, reflective, cool, warm in thought and visit.  I venture into current and past happy places that stabilize the emotion imbalance brought on by existing.  These sanctuaries have been found through accident, travel and global exploration. I find myself frequently wandering the paths of my youth in the Gatineau Park.

While visiting these reserves, I absorb the healing flow of my personal treasure. I note and interpret the karma around me.  With sketches and notes I document my interpretation of my vision in preparation for the studio.

Once back to the studio I apply my vocabulary to my vision working composition, scale, preparing an interpretation of my familiarity capturing the scent, sounds, colour and vision of my visit.

My artistic vocabulary continually under review serves as my tool for expression. With brush work, texture, colour, line, and a composition reflecting my visit I prepare a canvas to reflect my interpretation.  With anticipation I work, rework my art work until I experience the balance first experienced.  Once complete, with reluctance I offer to share my experience.

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Artist Thumb 2
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