Lynn Lee

My home and studio is located in the beautiful Whitewater Region of Eastern Ontario. Both are
located on the shores of Alumette Lake and nestled amongst tall trees, home to abundant
wildlife. This location invites me to connect with nature on a daily basis and it is this connection
that serves as inspiration for my imagery. I am entranced by the patterns of nature and their
seeming effortless perfection, season after season, year after year. Whether it be the repetitive
ripples on the watery surface or the unfurling of a fern leaf, I can find myself quite lost in their

I began my career as a working artist in 2001 with a focus on water based media. My imagery
was always abstracted from referential images but has become even more abstracted with my
present work in oils & cold wax medium. Although my present work is very focused on patterns
and their characteristic textures, the viewer still may often detect forms and colours indicated of
water, plant life, rocky surfaces and other natural elements.

It is my intention to produce works that allow the viewer to interpret it based on his or hers own
experiences. I enjoy knowing that each painting invites exploration with the resulting reactions
as varied as its audience..

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