Catherine Timm is a professionally practicing visual artist who lives on the Ottawa River north of Ottawa, Ontario. Catherine studied at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She works primarily with textiles and stitch, although she is also known for her work with natural materials wire, and paint. 

Her practice is inspired by sharing and learning about new processes with other artists as well as the influence of her natural surroundings. Catherine has used her knowledge as a quilt maker to explore nature through layering, gluing, stitching and manipulating wire to build two and three dimensional work. As a member of International Arts Organizations, Catherine’s art has won awards, been displayed in juried shows around the world, and hangs in private collections.

Artist Statement.

“I am a visual artist inspired by the elements of nature.  I express my creativity through the exploration of textiles, fibres, paint, wire and thread.  I incorporate line, colour, shape, form, negative and positive space to communicate my interpretation of nature’s features to create two and three dimensional collage.

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